Merchandising Services

Using the latest mobile hand held technology means our customers
always receive live and accurate data.


Our web-based call reporting system enables customers to log on and view their own account.

We can also easily customise call sheets, including photos, order value, questions and requirements. All this information is reportable, including detailed data of store location and time management.

Call cycles are tailored to our customers' requirements.

Attendance reports and feedback are always available using our web-based call reporting module. Weekly call cycles available nationally.

Our dedicated representatives always provide a high level of customer service to the supplier and the customer.

Feedback is regularly transmitted to provide clear lines of communication.

Our representatives manage in-store solutions, order products via electronic PDA devices and provide the highest level of customer service.

GMROI (Gross Margin Return on Inventory) can be analysed to identify key areas and assist the vital sales and inventory components of any business.

Our representatives use detailed planning information to assist with the set up of new stores, refitting and product placement.

We strictly adhere to roll out dates and scheduled set up days.

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